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Would you like to learn how to identify a narcissist through conversation? By the end of this article, you will acquire the ability to recognize narcissistic traits solely based on the way they speak. Here are eight evident signs to help you identify when you’re conversing with a narcissist. It’s important to note that being confident or acknowledging one’s accomplishments does not automatically classify someone as a narcissist. It is acceptable for individuals to speak positively about themselves, and it should even be encouraged. However, a narcissist is primarily concerned with themselves and disregards others. One of the first indications is frequent interruption during a conversation. They display a complete lack of awareness when another person is speaking and start talking over them without any acknowledgement. They don’t apologize or say, “Please continue.” This is especially noticeable early on in a relationship, and they tend to dominate the conversation with self-centered topics from their own life. These behaviors serve as significant indicators of narcissism. And that is sign number one, they interrupt a lot.

The second sign is their incessant self-centeredness. During the initial stages of a relationship, it’s natural to expect the other person to express interest in you by asking questions about your life, family, kids, job, and so on. However, a narcissist fails to exhibit genuine curiosity or concern about you. Instead, they monopolize the conversation solely for discussing themselves. In their presence, you might feel as though you’re merely a piece of furniture on the other side of the table. It becomes evident that they never cease to talk about themselves.

Another significant indicator is their lack of interest in you. This trait can persist even in long-term relationships. I recall a particular client who essentially became a fixture in our office due to the prolonged duration of his case. He was constantly preoccupied with his own legal matters and the well-being of his children. In many ways, he was likable, and he developed close relationships with one of my paralegals and one of my associates. As his case dragged on, my entire staff got to know him quite well. However, it became apparent that he never displayed genuine curiosity about anyone else besides himself. He never inquired about the happenings in our lives, including myself or my children. My paralegal grew weary of this because she felt that he had no genuine concern for anyone but himself. When the case eventually concluded, the client seemingly expected to establish friendships with our paralegal and some of the other staff members. However, she realized that he remained self-centered. It was one thing when the case was ongoing, as everything revolved around him, but even after its conclusion, he displayed no interest in anyone else. Therefore, if a person never takes the time to ask about you, it could serve as a significant red flag.

The fourth sign is when someone appears to ask about you but fails to listen or show genuine interest in your response. I’m sure many of us have experienced instances at cocktail parties, barbecues, or social gatherings where someone asks, “How are things going?” or “How’s work?” However, as soon as you begin answering, they shift their focus to their phone or start scanning the room, perhaps searching for someone more captivating to talk to. It becomes evident that they are only half-listening or not interested in your answer. As a result, you might feel that your response is unimportant or that they don’t truly care about hearing it. Additionally, they may even interrupt your answer midway. These behaviors can also be telling signs of narcissism. If any of these situations resonate with you, please let me know in the chat by typing “yes.” I’m certain that many of you have encountered these signs before.

The fifth sign is a tendency towards constant criticism, indicating a highly judgmental nature. These individuals are excessively critical, always finding fault with others. They habitually label people, pointing out negative traits or behaviors. For instance, they may continually discuss their ex-partner, attributing negative qualities to them. Their inclination to criticize others generates a consistently low vibrational energy, which is something I no longer desire in my life. Nowadays, I prefer to surround myself with positive individuals who contribute to my overall happiness and well-being. Therefore, if someone exhibits this constant critical mindset, it serves as a clear indication that they may not be a suitable person to have in your life.

Sign number six to watch out for is gaslighting. Gaslighting occurs when someone deliberately says or does things to make you question your own sanity or perception of reality. A recent conversation with a friend of mine provided a humorous example. He shared a story about his Chinese grandmother who engaged in a funny instance of gaslighting. Apparently, she had been involved in a car accident where the other driver happened to be a 16-year-old. Despite it being her fault, she got out of the car and started gaslighting the young driver, making it seem like it was his inexperience that caused the accident. Now, I don’t believe his grandma is necessarily a narcissist, but this anecdote highlights how gaslighting can be used as a tool to manipulate and control others. If someone consistently employs gaslighting tactics to make you doubt your own sanity, it can be a strong indication that they may be a narcissist.

The seventh sign is a general lack of interest in others. Not only are they uninterested in you or the person they are conversing with, but they also exhibit a lack of interest in anyone else in general. Their focus remains solely on themselves, and they show little to no curiosity about the lives or experiences of others. This self-centered attitude further supports the notion that they prioritize their own needs and desires above all else. Therefore, if you notice that someone consistently displays disinterest in others and only shows concern for themselves, it serves as another significant indicator of narcissistic tendencies..

The eighth and final sign is the inability to accept any form of criticism. Even the slightest comment can be perceived as a personal slight or criticism by individuals with narcissistic tendencies. They have a tendency to misinterpret or overreact to situations that are not intended as criticism at all. For example, they may take a discrepancy in a restaurant bill as a personal affront. I recall a family member who dated someone with such tendencies. This person would become upset over trivial matters, like receiving fewer French fries than others. They would see insults or criticisms where none existed, perceiving things that were simply not there. The inability to handle even minor slights or criticisms can be a significant issue and serves as another marker for identifying narcissistic individuals. I would love to hear your thoughts. If you have encountered any of these signs, please share them in the comments. If you’re dealing with a narcissist and need strategies to disarm them, visit disarmthenark.com for my free phrases. Additionally, if you require support, join my free private Facebook group, “Narcissist Negotiators with Rebecca Zung.” And if you need therapy, visit betterhelp.com/rebeccazung to access trusted therapy and support. Remember, we receive commissions for referrals, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Lastly, make sure to watch the next video on killer comebacks to narcissists’ insults. It’s an excellent resource. Subscribe, hit the notification bell, and watch that video. I’m Rebecca Zung, and remember, today is a great day to start negotiating your best life. You’re amazing, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Stay strong!

Remember that there is no better day than TODAY to start negotiating your best life! Apply these suggestions as you deal with a narcissist on court so you can keep SLAYING them. They only win if you give in. So don’t you ever give up!

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