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“Rebecca Zung is one of the most tuned in people that I’ve met. I operate all over the world so I know what’s out there in the marketplace. What she’s offering is so valuable that you must work with her. Regardless of how despondent you are or your situation is. She is damn good at what she does and has great credentials. If you’re thinking of working with Rebecca, get on board. Do it right now. Do exactly what she tells you to do. Everything in your life will change!”

Bob Proctor

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“I’ve looked around the world and if you’re negotiating with a narcissist, give yourself an advantage. Take Rebecca’s SLAY Your Negotiation course. She has so may qualifications, maybe more than anyone else on the planet because of her experience as a lawyer. She can really help you and I recommend it as strongly as I can.”

Mitzi Perdue

Bestselling Author of How to Be Up in Down Times
Daughter of Sheraton Hotel Founder and Widow Frank Perdue

Mitzi Perdue Testimonial
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4 Things That Hurt a Narcissist More Than Indifference

4 Things That Hurt a Narcissist More Than Indifference

By Rebecca Zung, Esq. I know you think that narcissists are hurt by indifference and that they could not stand being ignored, this is true, but I have something that will hurt them even more--things that drive them to the edge. Today, I will give you the four things...

What is Narcissistic Baiting?

What is Narcissistic Baiting?

Baiting is a technique that all narcissists use to provoke a reaction from their victims. It is a way to get people reeled in. What they want is that hit or high. We call that narcissistic supply. It is a way of feeding their ego and feeding their need to feel...

Early Red Flags of Narcissists

Early Red Flags of Narcissists

Have you been in a relationship with a narcissist, or trying to get out of one? There are three major stages of narcissistic abuse. It starts with Love Bombing, then goes into Devaluing, and finally the Discard phase. In this article, we will go in-depth into the Love...

6 Little Known Narcissistic Manipulation Tactics

6 Little Known Narcissistic Manipulation Tactics

We all know that narcissists manipulate, but here are six manipulation tactics that they use that you might not be familiar with. I want to highlight 6 of these tactics so that when they try to pull this type of stunt on you, you will be able to spot it and shoot them...

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Robert Shapiro
“Rebecca and I have a shared vision to use our positions as lawyers to expand our reach to those who cannot necessarily afford to hire good counsel. She is a conduit for people to gain access to knowledge, methods and strategies, all of which transforms lives, and her information is worth its weight in gold. Many choose to use the justice system as a sword because they find that path more palatable and less onerous than actually having to have a real conversation. Until now, a productive dialogue toward the goal of resolution has been lacking because we haven’t put the right tools in people’s hands. Whether you are a beginning negotiator or a seasoned one, she provides specific tools so that you can avoid critical mistakes, and ensure a winning outcome.”

Robert Shapiro

Renowned Trial Lawyer and Founder of Legal Zoom

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Rebecca Zung has a tremendous method and ability that all of us need which is how to negotiate with a narcissist no matter what form or forum in which you meet them. Check her out because she does have processes and procedures for it and you know how I love processes and procedures! She has excellent ideas, understanding and motivation. Check out her resources if you’re dealing with a narcissist.”

Judge Lynn Toler

Judge on Television’s “Divorce Court”

Judge Lynn Toler Testimonial