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Worth its weight in gold!” ” —Robert Shapiro, Esq. American Civil Litigator, Co-Founder of Legal Zoom

What if you knew you could get what you want in negotiation? What if you knew you could feel powerful, confident and in control of the entire process? Top 1% attorney, author and media personality Rebecca Zung shares her proven method for successfully negotiating anything in her latest book.

Breaking Free: A Step-By-Step Divorce Guide
For Achieving Emotional, Physical And Spiritual Freedom

Divorce authority Rebecca Zung’s groundbreaking book Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide to Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Freedom, provides readers who are in unhappy marriages with the information, inspiration and support they need to end their relationships and create new, happier, more rewarding futures for themselves.

“Breaking Free Is An Inspirational
Guidebook For Anyone Facing Divorce. I
Highly Recommend It.”
— John Gray, Author Of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, A New York Times Bestseller
Breaking Free

In Breaking Free, Rebecca guides readers through every stage of the divorce process. Among other things, she tells readers how they can achieve:

  • EMOTIONAL FREEDOM. Rebecca explains the many kinds of emotions a divorce can trigger, like fear, anger, guilt and resignation, and offers advice about what readers can do to overcome each one.
  • PHYSICAL FREEDOM. Rebecca offers practical information about how to handle all of the legal and financial aspects of divorce, like child support and alimony, and how to cope with a divorce trial.
  • SPIRITUAL FREEDOM. Rebecca provides tips and tools to empower and inspire readers so they can forgive, laugh again, take charge of their lives, be free, pursue their passions and live with integrity once their divorce is over.
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