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If you’re the victim of a covert narcissist, it can be extremely difficult to judge the severity of their behavior and know how to fight back. It’s all too easy for them to hide in plain sight, avoiding direct confrontation while still manipulating those around them into believing their version of reality. But fear not — there are ways to tackle this unpredictable personality disorder head-on. Here we’ll share five outrageous strategies that have been proven effective when dealing with a covert narcissist in your life — these secrets will empower you to stand up for yourself and take control against any kind of mind game they may try on you.

Method #1. One way to tame a narcissist is by being indifferent to them. This means not responding with emotion or attachment when engaging with them in conversation, instead focusing on maintaining a neutral stance. Being indifferent also requires setting boundaries and not allowing the narcissist to manipulate you for their own gain. By not giving the narcissist any attention or reinforcement, you can decrease their need for validation and control in your relationship.

Method #2. Taming a narcissist by ignoring their attempts to get a rise out of you can be an effective way of diffusing the situation and preventing further escalation. Practicing self-control and maintaining the ability to remain composed in the face of provocation is key when dealing with a narcissist. To successfully manage the narcissist, it is important to remain aware of their manipulative tactics and recognize when they are attempting to draw out negative emotions from you for their own gain.

Method #3. Blocking all channels of communication is an effective way to manage a narcissist. It removes any potential for them to be able to interact with you and can help prevent them from influencing your life in any way. It also serves as a reminder that their behaviour is unacceptable, causing them to realise the consequences of their actions. This form of distance helps to reduce anxiety by cutting off any contact they have with you, allowing you to focus on yourself without having to worry about the narcissist’s presence in your life.

Method #4. The best way to tame a narcissist is to be successful beyond their wildest dreams. This can be done by setting ambitious goals, working hard, and always striving for excellence. Doing this will help you achieve the success that you desire, making it apparent to the narcissist that your achievements are due to your own efforts and not theirs. The narcissistic individual will soon come to respect your accomplishments, which will lead them to recognize that they have no control over what you do or achieve.

Method #5. Taming the narcissist starts with wiping them out of your memory entirely. This means deleting any memories you have of them, unfriending and blocking them on social media, and avoiding any contact with them in the future.
To help you let go of bad memories associated with the narcissist, it can be helpful to write down your feelings and thoughts regarding the situation, then discard or burn the paper as a symbolic act.
Additionally, distraction techniques such as physical exercise, creative pursuits or talking to other supportive people can help to create new positive experiences to override those negative ones associated with the narcissistic person.

This is all very important information that can be applied to any situation involving covert narcissism. Understanding how a covert narcissist works and what makes them tick can help us become better equipped to handle their insidious behavior. Knowing our value and worth is the key to breaking free of the narcissist’s hold, and by prioritizing ourselves, we can live life with more peace and joy than ever before. Life doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming if we are aware of these outrageous methods for taming a covert narcissist. Prioritize yourself, get creative with your strategies and practice self-compassion – as these are all counterintuitive but invaluable tools in freeing yourself from the narcissistic hold. By doing so you not only give yourself the power and control again, you also create a more delightful version of life for yourself that you absolutely deserve!

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