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Do you want to know 7 weird things that only a narcissist would do? Even if they’ve known you for years, they know how smart you are, they know all of the wonderful things that you do, they know how much you’ve accomplished. It doesn’t even matter how much you’ve done for them. It doesn’t, whatever, like if somebody else comes along, they’d rather the opinion of strangers over you. Do you know why? Because narcissistic supply, of course, they want other people to think that they’re so great, or whatever, so it’s a form of flattery for this other person.

All right, let’s go through weird things that only narcissists do.

Even if they’ve known you for years, they know how smart you are, they know all of the wonderful things that you do, they know how much you’ve accomplished. It doesn’t even matter how much you’ve done for them. It doesn’t, whatever, like if somebody else comes along, they’d rather the opinion of strangers over you. Do you know why? Because narcissistic supply, of course, they want other people to think that they’re so great, or whatever, so it’s a form of flattery for this other person.

Oh, I love your opinion, blah, blah, blah, and then the other person goes, “Oh, you’re so great.” It’s like love bombing this other person by pretending like they think their opinion is so great. They don’t care about the other person’s opinion. It’s a love bomb on the other person, just FYI.

Number two is they don’t like it when you initiate sex. Very weird! Right? One of the traits that sets narcissists apart from others is their aversion to sex initiation. While most people, including men, appreciate their partner’s initiation, narcissists seem to dislike it. This odd behavior can be explained by their need for control over everything, including their partner’s actions. Intimacy and physical closeness threaten their sense of dominance, making them uncomfortable and less able to assert their control. In addition, they dislike their partner’s presence in their space and do not want to be touched, let alone have sex with them. Therefore, their dislike of sex initiation is not about rejecting their partner, but rather about asserting control and dominance.

If you are in a romantic relationship with a narcissist, it is crucial to understand their behavior and not take it personally. Remember, this is just one of many traits that narcissists exhibit, and it’s not about you. It is their way of maintaining their sense of power and control over you.
The third trait that is commonly exhibited by narcissists is their tendency to create chaos and turmoil around special occasions, such as holidays and birthdays. Narcissists find it difficult to tolerate the idea of someone else receiving attention or excitement that is not directed towards them. They thrive on being the center of attention and cannot handle situations where others are the focus of attention. This behavior can be particularly problematic during times of celebration or festivities when people typically come together to enjoy each other’s company and share in the joy of the occasion.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, it is important to be aware of this behavior and prepare accordingly. Don’t be surprised if the narcissist in your life tries to disrupt or sabotage your plans, or if they try to turn the attention back to themselves in a negative way. This is not about you, but rather a reflection of their own deep-seated need for attention and validation.
The fourth thing that narcissists tend to do is walk in front of you all the time, even in situations where there’s no reason to rush or anything to see ahead. This behavior can be particularly noticeable when you’re on vacation or going out together. It can be quite perplexing when someone you’re with insists on walking ahead of you, making it difficult to have a conversation or feel like you’re together. This behavior is a manifestation of the narcissist’s desire for control and dominance. By walking in front, they are asserting their dominance and indicating that their needs and desires are more important than yours. It’s their way of saying, “I’m in charge here,” and it can be a way for them to feel superior and powerful. So, if you’re in a relationship with a narcissist and notice this behavior, it’s important to be aware of the underlying motivations behind it.

The fifth behavior on the list of strange things that narcissists do is that they invade your privacy by looking through your personal belongings and even hacking into your computer. It’s a clear violation of boundaries and a lack of respect for your personal space. They often do this when you’re not around, sneaking around like a creepy spy. This behavior can be especially concerning because they may use any information they find against you in the future.

Narcissists feel entitled to do whatever they want and have no qualms about invading your privacy. They may justify their actions by claiming that they’re just curious or concerned about your well-being, but it’s ultimately about control. They want to have access to every aspect of your life so that they can maintain power over you. It’s important to set clear boundaries and protect your privacy from this type of behavior.
The sixth point to look out for in identifying a potentially manipulative partner is their tendency to mirror you. This is particularly evident when they are attempting to love bomb you, showering you with affection and attention in an attempt to quickly establish a deep connection.

One way that they may mirror you is by copying your behaviors and mannerisms, such as finishing your sentences or mimicking your body language. They may also adopt your style of dress and show a sudden interest in the same activities and hobbies that you enjoy.

This mirroring behavior is a manipulative tactic that they use to make you feel more comfortable and connected to them. It can be quite effective in getting you hooked and creating a sense of intimacy, but it is also a red flag for potential emotional manipulation.

It is important to note that this behavior can be both weird and creepy, especially if it is happening too quickly or too intensely. If you notice this pattern of mirroring in a potential partner, it is wise to take a step back and evaluate the situation before getting too deeply involved.

The last thing, and this is just one of those things that can be so confusing for you all out there that are in romantic relationships with a narcissist, especially, and I’ve seen this, especially as an attorney, it’s very, very frustrating for me, and that is, they push you away and then, they tell you that they’re done and then they kind of pull you back. They don’t fully let you go, they say, “I’m done with you,” but it’s almost like that mom that has like a little bit of a shirt left of their toddler. They treat you horribly and then they turn around and say, “But why don’t you want to be in a relationship with me? I don’t think you love me, what’s wrong?” Looking at them like because you’re abusive and horrible, it’s like this complete disconnect about how they’ve behaved or maybe they think that you’re going to forget about it, but that’s super weird.

So, these are 7 weird things that only narcissists do. What other weird things have you guys seen? Make sure to drop those in the comments below. Over here, we’re giving out free information every single day. How many lawyers are doing that? Make sure that you have grabbed my free Crush My Negotiation Prep Worksheet at winmynegotiation.com. If you are negotiating with a narcissist, you need this. It’s 15 pages. It’s a free e-book. It is totally free. It is so substantial and it is awesome. I’ve given it away to literally all the people and it is yours.

Make sure you grab that and join my free private Facebook group, Narcissist Negotiators with Rebecca Zung. If you don’t have support and you need it of your own, which is in the form of therapy of any kind, I do have a partnership with BetterHelp online therapy. Go to betterhelp.com forward slash Rebecca Zung. Get the help and support that you need. We do receive commissions on that, but we only recommend services that we trust. We just want you to get the help and support that you need. So, remember that today is a great day to start negotiating your best life. The only win if you give in, you’re not going to do that because we are here for you every single day. We’ve literally helped thousands and thousands of people.
For more ways to shift the power dynamic against the narcissist in your life check out my free masterclass right here: http://icanslay.com

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