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Do you ever feel like you’re in a constant battle of wits with your abuser? From belittling remarks to empty promises, narcissists use their manipulative words as weapons to keep us away from discerning their true intentions. Through this blog post, we will explore some of the outrageous phrases used by narcissists that are designed to distract us from seeing through their manipulations and gaining back power within our own relationships. So if you’re ready for an empowering journey towards regaining your self-worth and resilience against such mistreatment, get prepared to learn about how not letting those insidious talks fill up your headspace is half the job done!

#1. They’ll say things like “I care about you so much” and “I only do this because I care”. It may sound very nice but deep down you can feel something’s not quite, right? Well, guess what? What they really mean is “You owe me , you owe me so much and I gave you all of this so therefore you owe me”. It’s a form of guilting you into doing things you don’t want to do – you owe them nothing. Stay woke and trust your instincts.

#2. Let’s clear up this common misconception: when a narcissist tells you “I did all of this because of you,” they’re not actually saying what they mean. Oh no, honey – what they really mean is they want to control you. Don’t be fooled by their sweet words about doing everything for the family and working hard because of you. There are always strings attached with a narcissist. Keep your guard and don’t fall for their manipulative ways.

# 3. Are you constantly bombarded with inquiries about your whereabouts? Statements like “Where are you right now?” , “Just checking up on you ” and “ where you are at all times”. Do you feel like you’re constantly being watched? This as ‘caring’ or ‘protective’ behavior may be flattering but make no mistake – they’re overly jealous because they’re overly controlling.

# 4. When a narcissist accuses you of not trusting them, and day “You don’t trust me?” – honey, it’s because they themselves are not trustworthy. Don’t let them distract you with their accusations. They’re just trying to throw you off the scent of their deceitful ways. Trust your gut and keep your eyes open, because when it comes to narcissists, the only one you can truly trust is yourself.

#5. I’m about to spill some truth tea. You know those narcissists who love to make “jokes” at your expense and then turn around and accuse you of being oversensitive? They’ll say “You can’t take a joke”. Here’s the thing: they can dish it out, but they can’t take it. When the tables are turned, suddenly they’re the ones getting all butt-hurt and acting like they’re the most delicate, fragile flowers on the planet. Don’t let ’em fool ya – they’re the ones who are really oversensitive.

Overall, we’ve taken an in-depth look at the toxic inner world of a narcissist and what their words might really mean. Narcissists are incredibly manipulative, so it’s crucial that we learn the signs and arm ourselves with knowledge that helps us stand up to them instead of being taken advantage of. Understanding the insidious nature of a narcissist’s manipulation gives us insight into their true intentions and sharpens our senses when it comes to spotting warning signs. Reacting with critical thinking and level-headedness, rather than emotional outbursts and accusations, is key for keeping your relationships as healthy as possible. Self-reflection is also essential for developing resilience so that if you do happen to find yourself tangled in a web of lies crafted by a narcissist, you have the psychological strength to overcome and be free from the power they wish to wield over you.

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