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Divorce Diet
Divorce Affecting Your Sleep- Reclaim it

Divorce Affecting Your Sleep- Reclaim it

Stress and Poor Sleep Affects Your Weight Sleepless nights. Being unable to turn your brain off. Hard time falling asleep. Falling asleep ‎but waking every two hours and watching the clock. Disordered sleep is almost universal for ‎people dealing with intense divorce...

What The Hell! Divorce Affects Your Weight

What The Hell! Divorce Affects Your Weight

What now? Divorce Causes Weight Gain?‎ Caroline J Cederquist, M.D.‎ In my weight management practice, I always take a weight history in addition to a medical history. In ‎the weight history my patient and I will discuss where his or her weight was at various points in...

The Divorce Paradox is that during the most horrible time in your life

You have to make the MOST CRITICAL DECISIONS of your LIFE.

By simplifying your self-care, it will help clear your head so that you will be able to make good decisions.

Rebecca Zung. Esq. and Caroline Cederquist MD teach you how to have self care during your divorce through their Divorce Diet™.

Divorce Master Class

Video classes coming on how the proper but simple meal plan can balance blood sugar and stress hormones. The science of why and what works to balance stress.

No Time to Watch or Listen?- Grab your simple meal plan, shopping list, tracking guide to ensure you get what your body needs.

  • Take a class on how and why exercise helps you burn off stress hormones.
  • Take a class on our most powerful and practical action plan to start regular movement.
  • Take a class on why sleep is so critical and insomnia is so damaging.
  • Take our class on supplements that help with good sleep hygiene.

You can even download daily affirmations!


Top attorney, Rebecca Zung provides heartfelt wisdom and insight that is both valuable and necessary for anyone navigating separation or divorce. Rebecca addresses issues that are confronted by many who feel so very alone through the process. With her skillful measured guidance, you can navigate through and beyond your divorce process with ease and grace.


Outstanding resource for anyone going through divorce. Affirmations at the end of each chapter were extremely helpful. I typed them up and kept them nearby as reference for weeks. Really helped tme to keep perspective while working through the many emotions experienced during this journey.

Sue Klaus

For those of you who struggle to identify with real clarity what you want and need and how to get it, Rebecca Zung Clough will help you do that with precision. When there’s so much at stake, it’s really important to prepare yourself.