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One of the absolute best ways to calm your stress that is in overdrive when divorcing a ‎narcissist is to exercise. Stress releases the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine which ‎are designed to help us fight or flee stressful situations. Of course, divorce stress is mostly ‎mental, not physical. Alcohol, stress eating, or substance use may temporarily make you feel ‎calmer when under stress, but only exercise burns up and uses these stress hormones and ‎brings their levels back to normal levels. ‎

Some of my patients share that they have never liked exercise or in fact hate it. Some of them ‎will force themselves to exercise anyway because they understand the health benefits. ‎However, having exercise occur as something you love instead of something you have to do is a ‎profound mind shift that can be life changing. Considering consistent exercise is vital to earn ‎both physical and mental benefits, I will share some of the successful mind sets and workout ‎habits of people who love to exercise. You can be one of them. ‎

‎10 Habits of People Who Love to Workout‎

‎1.‎ Get Out in Nature.

Exercise is much more than pedaling on a stationary bike or pumping weights at the ‎gym. Workout enthusiasts embrace the outdoors and get out in nature. From hiking ‎trails, to swimming lakes, to skiing slopes, open the window of opportunity to fresh air ‎and outdoor workout habits! People who spend thirty minutes outdoors in good weather ‎have a higher level of positivity overall which is then additive to the benefits of exercise. ‎‎


2.‎ Do Not Foresee It as Punishment.

Devoted exercisers do not use workouts as ‎‎“punishment” for a weekend bender or overindulging on cookies. Instead of serving a ‎workout sentence, they know they can walk off the line, enjoy life’s indulgences, and ‎naturally hop back on it.‎


3.‎ Embrace the Workouts They Enjoy.

While they are apt to seek out and experiment ‎with various exercises, there is a common understanding that not all workouts will be ‎enjoyed. So if running is not gratifying, people who love to workout are not afraid to ‎hook on their bicycle helmet in the running shoes’ place. ‎


‎4.‎ Seek Out Feedback.

Much like in all areas of life, individuals like to know their ‎performance levels and personal growths. And rather than being passive regarding ‎input, they are proactive and seek out feedback through word of mouth, activity tracker, ‎or fitness app.‎


‎5.‎ Apply the Buddy System.

Along with enjoying exercise itself, they also enjoy doing it with others. Workout buddies ‎can be personal friends and family members, racers at local running groups, coworkers ‎from the office, or routine members at workout classes. Your workout buddies can be ‎motivators and supporters to you, in your exercise goals and your life goals.‎


‎6.‎ Dismiss Weight.

Although weight loss is a motivating factor, people who love to workout ‎tend to dismiss the concept of weight. Rather than fixating on numbers the scale might ‎display, they relish how exercise transcends into overall well-being. Whether to relieve ‎a stressful day or gain strength, people who love to workout focus most attention on the ‎way a workout makes them feel rather than look.‎


7.‎ Break Free of Tradition.

Indoors or outdoors, with equipment or without, it really does ‎not matter how they get active, but the mere fact that they do. They have no trouble ‎making the most out of their environment and resources at hand. From using a ‎resistance band or using bleachers at the local football field, they are comfortable ‎breaking free of traditional workouts and embrace all atmospheres.‎


‎8.‎ Do Not Dwell On Setbacks.

Not all boxes may be checked and not all goals might not ‎be met, that is just a basic fact of life. But rather than dwelling on setbacks, people who ‎love to workout wipe off their hands and come back with powerful forces. So even if ‎projected targets are not achieved when or as anticipated, they continually shoot the ‎arrow and grow closer to the bull’s-eye! ‎


‎9.‎ Live A Total Healthy Lifestyle.

People who love to workout recognize not just the power ‎of exercise, but the total interconnections of all health factors. From diet to sleep, they ‎understand the importance of eating more mindfully, allowing stress to roll off the ‎shoulders, and achieving adequate sleep. Not only do they fall in love with exercise, but ‎live to their greatest potential in all aspects of health.‎


10.‎ Fall in Love with Exercise.

Instead of viewing exercise as a chore, people who love to ‎workout actually fall in love with exercise. In fact, working out may be one of the ‎greatest parts of their days! They pack a gym bag and actually get into the gym after a ‎long day, even sneaking in other bouts of movement whenever the opportunity arises. ‎


Divorcing a narcissist allows you to get on with your best life. By focusing on what you can ‎focus on, like framing your exercise habits, you are actively creating your best life instead of ‎just reacting to the stress around you. ‎

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