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#1) They reach out to old exes.  You know why they do this stuff, narcissistic supply.  They need that supply. They want that attention.  It’s the almighty thing that they want.  They need that thing to feed their ego.  That’s what they want. All of this is about feeding that ego, that food, that lifeblood, that oxygen, that thing that they need because they are so deeply insecure.  They got to have that.  All 10 are all about that.  They might go on Facebook or whatever it is and start reaching out to them or DMing them.

#2) They will plant spyware on your devices, on your phones or on your computer or laptops because they want to know what you are up to.

#3) They will put a tracker on your car.  It is so easy to do.  It is something that they could just buy on Amazon or whatever.  They are not expensive. They just pop it on the bottom or whatever.  They can track where you are going.  It is not hard to install. It is just something that they can pop on.

#4) They will line up their flying monkeys and start their smear campaigns.  Flying monkeys are people, the third parties, that they get on their side to line up.  It is a form of bullying.  It is a group of people that they get to line up on their side against you so that you think that people are against you.  They start their smear campaigns.  It starts during the discard phase and even before you think the discard phase has started sometimes.  They start planting these seeds.

#5) They go through your stuff.  Even your underwear drawer or whatever.  No boundaries, right?  They have no boundaries.

#6) They will hack into your computer or your phone.  Regardless of if there is spyware on your devices, if they have acumen to be able to hack into your computers or your phone then they will do that.  Sometimes, they don’t even need to hack into them. If you have a cloud device, they will be able to just see it.

#7) They will use your credit cards.  They siphon money off. They use your finances.

#8) Move money around.  Perhaps, move money offshore or hide money.

#9) Spy on you/ Stalk You.  That is obviously not beyond them.

#10) Cheat on you.  Cheating can be all sorts of things.  It can be trolling websites for porn.  It can be hiring escorts.  It can be just cheating.

You must figure out a strategy in order to create that leverage.  That’s the SLAY methodology in a nutshell.  To get started, check out http://www.slayyournegotiation.com/rzwebinar and watch the most recent replay right away.

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