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Today, I’m going to share four powerful Jedi-like tactics that you can use to crush narcissists during mediation and reclaim control over your life. Let’s dive right in!
1. Powerful Body Language: Stand Tall and Confident When facing narcissists, it’s crucial to exude confidence from the moment you walk into the mediation room. Even if you’re feeling nervous, you can project power through your body language. Make strong eye contact and offer a firm handshake. Your posture speaks volumes – stand tall, shoulders back, and show that you’re unafraid. Your body language should convey, “I’m here, I’m not backing down, and I won’t be controlled.”
2. Be Prepared with Leverage: Threaten Their Narcissistic Supply Understand the different forms of narcissistic supply and create leverage that threatens their sources of power. Leverage the difference between Diamond-level Supply (highly valuable to them) and Coal-level Supply (less important). This leverage can shift the power dynamic in your favor during negotiations.
3. Be Willing to Walk Away and Go to Trial Being prepared to walk away is a critical strategy. Know your limits and risks, and be ready to take either option A or option B. If you’re not prepared to walk away or go to trial, narcissists will sense your vulnerability. Control the narrative by having clear offers ready and even a draft agreement that can be adjusted.
4. Have an Agreement Ready to Sign Narcissists often change their minds after negotiations. To avoid this, have a well-prepared agreement document in place. You can adapt it based on the negotiation outcome, so you’re not caught in a cycle of endless changes and no progress.
Remember, this process can be stressful. Seek support from resources like therapy or join support groups to strengthen your resolve. And most importantly, believe in your power to overcome narcissistic manipulation.
In conclusion, by mastering these Jedi-like tactics – projecting powerful body language, wielding strategic leverage, being willing to walk away, and having a ready agreement – you can unmask narcissists and triumph in mediation. Remember, you’re on a journey to reclaim your life and rewrite your narrative. Stand tall, negotiate with confidence, and break free from the grip of narcissistic control.
Remember that today is a great day to start negotiating your best. I’ll be with you in the next article!

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