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Narcissists seem to find the most inconspicuous things to use as weapons against their targets. Although the devaluing, the lack of empathy, the grandiosity, and other characteristics of narcissism are just awful – i find that their magical thinking is the most potent aspect of their being that can be utilized as a weapon. It may not seem like their magical thinking could be as destructive as it is but in digging deeper, I have realized just how damaging it can be.

Magical Thinking

The narcissist’s most potent weapon is their magical thinking. Their inability to see what it is that they are doing and their ability to avert their gaze from the path of destruction that they have left behind them. Their avoidance of reality is their most potent weapon. Because of this, they are able to continue to cause people pain and agony without flinching and without ever wanting to change. Although this is their most potent weapon, it is also one of their biggest weaknesses. Although they are able to avoid the damage done by their own behavior, they feel incredibly small and weak underneath their extraordinarily thick mask. Because of this, you can expose them and it will eventually become their undoing. 

You think that they think that they’re the smartest and strongest person in the room, that they always win, and always get what they want. They want you to think this but it isn’t their truth. I’ve been a lawyer for a very long time and I’ve represented people in all types of divorces. The high net worth divorce is absolutely the most contentious of divorces that I’ve witnessed. I’ve experienced soon ex-spouses say to me and my clients that we will never win and never get what we want to threaten and intimidate my clients and me. 

This is most definitely not the case. I’ve helped clients turn narcissist’s magical thinking back on to them and I’ve watched the narcissist’s worst fears come true by guiding my clients through the strategy and the leverage that they need in order to do so. I know that if you give a narcissist enough rope, they will eventually hang themselves. I can promise you that. 

So yes – while their magical thinking is their most potent weapon because it enables them to proceed no matter the destruction they cause, you can use this against them and get the outcome that you want and deserve. 

How To Negotiate With A Narcissist

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