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Phrases that destroy narcissists

Do you want to know some phrases that will actually destroy narcissists?

These are some phrases that I want you to use with caution. I do not want you to put yourself in danger, but if you find it necessary, these are some phrases that will help you dispel the tension, or bring down these narcissists a little bit.

Again, do not put yourself in a situation where you’re going to be in any kind of danger. If you feel like you are in any kind of danger, just leave the situation & call the domestic violence hotline, whose number I will drop below.

One of the things that you can say to a narcissist is, “You’re not the center of my world.”. Obviously being the center of everyone’s universe is exactly what a narcissist wants. They want to be the center of your world…of anyone’s world. I always say they’re like the hollow chocolate Easter bunnies, they look good on the outside but there’s nothing going on in the inside. The worst thing that you can say to them is: “You’re not the center of my world.”. That’s number one.

Number two is, “I need space right now.”. They don’t want you to have space. That’s why they go crazy when you say that. Narcissists can go ghosting you, but you can’t do the same. They’ll go dark on you for hours or days at a time and then act like you’re the crazy one when you say, “Where did you go? What happened?”. But when you try to do the same, they’ll blow up your phone, show up at your house, stalk you, and everything in between. You can’t say, “I need space right now.” That will destroy them.

Here’s another one that will destroy them, “I’m not talking to you until you apologize.”. When you try to shift the dynamic, they start to go crazy because they’ve been conditioning you from the beginning to see if you were going to be a good target and a good source of supply for them. They started it through love bombing you from the get-go and then they would start to pull back soon after. Narcissists would then start to devalue, & ghost you. Did you stick around? Did they get away with it? That’s how they started to test you to see if you are going to be a good source of supply. Narcissists will say things to you, like: “Everybody else thinks this…” or “No one else thinks the way you do.”. They’ll pull back and say things to you to try to make you think you’re the crazy one. But you certainly can’t say the same things back to them like that. If you do, they’ll say all sorts of horrible and vicious things to you.

Narcissists speak the same language. But you certainly can’t tell them: “You’re not the only one who’s been through this.” because they have to feel special like they are the only ones. So that’s another kind of phrase that will destroy them. Anything that makes them feel like they’re ordinary, that they’re anything but special, will destroy them.

Another thing that will destroy them is if you say something like, “My future doesn’t include you.”. or “I will be moving forward and it does not include you.”. I, once, had a business relationship with a narcissist, and even though the situation with that narcissist was an absolute nightmare, that person was not happy when the situation was ending because that’s where the supply was coming from. When they see that source of supply is moving along, they want to glom onto it because that supply is their food, their lifeblood, & their oxygen. They will continue to glom onto any source of supply that they can.

Anything that does not make them feel like they are special, that doesn’t include them, that is moving forward without them, these are the things that destroy them. Telling them “No”, “Goodbye”, or “Stop contacting me.” destroys them. Because narcissists are such energy vampires, you need to do these things in order for you to stop this energy suck. Doing so allows you not to be triggered, to move forward, and to heal. These are the ones that allow your soul to actually start to come alive again.

You’ll have to stop feeling guilty for narcissists, & feel like you’re responsible for them because you are not. You’ll have to shut it down. As empaths, you’re tempted to, and you feel like you can. But you just can’t. It’s something that they need to do for themselves. While you need to save and take care of yourself. You put your own oxygen mask on first. That is my advice to you.

If you are in an unsafe environment or relationship, please utilize the resources and support that you deserve by calling The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).