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Rebecca Zung is Revolutionizing the Conversation® about Divorce. She is providing those who are either contemplating a divorce or already involved in one access to the knowledge, methods and strategies that will help them make their divorce a powerful and transformative experience. Rebecca’s Divorce Master Class video series is one of the most critical and effective tools she has created to assist people in the process of renewing and rebuilding their lives. 

Drawing on her many years as a practicing marital law attorney and on what she experienced during her own divorce, Rebecca’s informative and inspirational video series provides practical, compassionate advice and useful information about all aspects of divorce that viewers can be put into practice right away. The topics in the series range from the difficult emotions people experience in divorce and the legal and financial decisions they will face, to the mistakes people most commonly make during a divorce. It also offers guidance to help viewers use their divorce as an opportunity to create a new life, through forgiveness, laughter, and living with passion and integrity. 

For more in-depth information about the topics Rebecca covers in her Divorce Master Class video series, read her groundbreaking and popular divorce book, Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Freedom.

Also, be sure to stop back periodically because Rebecca will be adding new videos to her series regularly.

Revolutionizing the Conversation®

about Divorce


Dealing With Fear in Divorce


Independence Expedition


The Ten Worst Mistakes People
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From Transition to Transformation


Breaking Free From Divorce Program

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From Zero to Divorce Control in Less Than 60 Seconds

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