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Having dealt with narcissistic individuals in the past, I am well aware of the formidable task that it can be. Their absence of empathy, inclination to manipulate situations for personal gain, and tendency to avoid accountability can present major obstacles. A key hurdle in particular is earning their respect, as narcissists thrive on attention and adoration. Nevertheless, by comprehending the idea of narcissistic supply and the supply hierarchy, which I will explain shortly, you can gain their respect. I will outline six tried-and-true strategies for earning a narcissist’s respect.

First of the list is to Stay a bit Distant from them. If you get too close to a narcissist, they will use your weaknesses against you. They are constantly testing you to see if you will be a good source of narcissistic supply. Therefore, it’s essential to stay independent emotionally and financially. You should also stay a bit distant from them. If you can remain in a place where you don’t need to be with them or hang onto them for everything, you will be better off.

Continue to Have Something of Value that will be the second, why? Narcissists value prestige and influence. If you have something they want, they will continue to respect you. For instance, if you are a name of some sort, a celebrity, high up in a corporation, or an influencer, they will respect you. They love the optics of being your friend or hanging out with you. Therefore, if you want them to respect, honor and value you, keep something that they want. Stay independent financially, stay independent emotionally. If you can kind of stay in a place where you don’t need to be with them, you’re not hanging on them for everything, then you will be better off and they will respect you.

Next on the list is to gain a Position of Control. If you’re in a position of control over them, such as a judge in a divorce case, a boss, a CEO, or any situation where you’re in a particular group and everyone in the group respects you more than others, they will respect you. They will tread a bit lightly for you on that. They won’t use their little bag of tricks, which is to devalue, debase, and degrade. They will behave themselves because they need you to be respecting them. And that’s tip number three.

Coming down on the fourth way is to Barter Respect. Narcissists want to feel valued and respected because they crave for it. You can use this to your advantage by bartering respect. For example, you can ask for their help with something that they’re good at, such as bookkeeping, and tell them how much you respect their skills. They will appreciate this, and in turn, will respect you more.

Fifth way is to: Be the Diamond Level Supply. The best way to gain a narcissist’s respect is to be the diamond level supply. They will do whatever they need to protect, maintain, and defend their grade A supply. This includes their image, how they look to people they respect, and how they look to new sources of supply. If you can become part of this category, they will do whatever they need to protect you. They will treat you like their country or something they need to defend. They will respect and honor you.

Lastly, the Sixth and final way to make them truly respect you is Develop Boundaries. Boundaries are essential when dealing with a narcissist. It would help if you were clear about what you will and won’t tolerate. If they cross your boundaries, you need to hold them accountable. If they see that you have strong boundaries, they will respect you more. They won’t test you as much because they know what the consequences will be. So there you go 6 ways in total to make Narcissists truly respect.

In conclusion, gaining a narcissist’s respect can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By understanding the concept of narcissistic supply and the hierarchy of supply, you can become part of the diamond level supply. You can also stay distant, continue to have something of value, be in a position of control, barter respect, and develop boundaries. These six tips will help you gain a narcissist’s respect and protect your emotional and mental well-being.

Remember that there is no better day than TODAY to start negotiating your best life! Apply these 6 ways in any situation you are in right now if you’re dealing with a narcissist and you will keep SLAYING them. They only win if you give in. So don’t you ever give up!
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