BEWARE! Covert Narcissists Always Do These 5 Things

#1. Amazingly Wonderful in Public.

Covert narcissists are notorious for presenting a public persona that can be described as amazingly kind, charming, and just plain wonderful.  In my experience, I have found this to be especially true for the female narcissists that I have dealt with.

#1. Amazingly Wonderful in Public. (Part 2)

As a society we are not often taught to recognize that narcissism can exist within females, which can make it harder for those who are affected by it to understand and seek help. 

#1. Amazingly Wonderful in Public. (Part 3)

I used to think that narcissists were all typically arrogant, boastful, and misogynistic, but I now know that this simply is not the case, and that anyone can be affected by it.

#2. Exhibit Passive-Aggressive Behavior.

Covert narcissists can be challenging to deal with as they exhibit passive-aggressiveness.  You may experience instances where they claim to be heading to the store and offer to pick up something for you on the way, only to intentionally forget your request in the process.

#3. Use Guilt to Manipulate.

It’s common for covert narcissists to use guilt as a tool to manipulate others. They say “ It’s okay I’m fine”, “I’ll just sit over here by myself” or “ I’ve done so much for you”.  It can be really hurtful when someone close to you discredits your feelings. 

#4. Easily Upset.

Covert Narcissists have a very fragile ego and can be easily upset. Even the slightest issue can set off their emotions and make them feel hurt. As a result, you may find yourself in a state of constant caution, never quite sure how they’ll react to something. 

#5. Play Victim.

Covert narcissists are known for their tendency to always portray themselves as victims.  Have you ever had a friend or family member who always seemed to have a problem, but for whom nothing ever seemed to change?

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