5 Questions Narcissists Desperately Avoid

Question #1: Can you admit when you’re wrong? Or Can you offer a genuine apology?

It’s difficult for them to acknowledge their mistakes and take responsibility.  They may even employ manipulation tactics, using occasional apologies as a means of controlling situations.

Question #2: How do you truly feel about yourself?

When asked “How do you truly feel about yourself?” they may respond with confident statements like “I feel great, I am amazing.” However, these claims do not necessarily reflect their true emotional state. 

Question #2: How do you truly feel about yourself? (Part 2)

Behind their inflated sense of self, narcissists often harbor fragile self-esteem and lack deep introspection regarding their true self-worth.  This internal conflict is one of the reasons why they are resistant to therapy.

Question #3: Are you capable of empathy?

When it comes to empathy, narcissists may even mirror empathetic behavior at times.  However, spending enough time with a narcissist makes it evident when they are merely feigning empathy, as they often forget to show genuine care and understanding.

Question #4: What are your true intentions? 

Narcissists avidly elude specific inquiries, particularly the one questioning their genuine intentions or underlying motivations. These individuals prefer to dwell on surface-level interactions and steer clear from discussions that might expose their true nature.

Question #5: Do you genuinely care about others?

Narcissists are consumed by their own needs, feelings, and desires, neglecting the ones of those around them It’s this self-centeredness that makes it difficult for them to genuinely consider and care for others.

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