10 Ways to Make a Narcissist Respect You

#1. Stay Distant from Them.

Making a narcissist respect you is a tricky business. One strategy that seems to work is keeping a certain degree of emotional distance.  You want to stay near enough to keep them interested, but not so close that they uncover your weaknesses.

#2. Stay Independent from Them.

To make a narcissist respect you, it’s important to maintain your independence. If you’re not financially dependent on them, and you’re not emotionally dependent on them, they’ll often respect that from you.

#3. Continue to Have Something of Value.

In order to make a narcissist respect you, it is important to understand what it is that they value the most.  This could be prestige, attention or validation, or even the optics of being associated with you – perhaps due to your money, influence, or popularity. 

#3. Continue to Have Something of Value. (Part 2)

However, it is essential to remember that for a narcissist, if you happen to win their favor back with your looks or image, keep in mind that it may be fleeting. Ultimately, trying to curry favor with a narcissist may not be worth the effort, as their attention is often short-lived and their loyalty questionable.

#4. Understand Power.

In dealing with a narcissist, it can be useful to understand the dynamics of power and how it affects their behavior and your relationship with them.

#4. Understand Power. (Part 2)

 If you hold a position of authority, such as being a judge in a case, a boss, a CEO, or a leader in a group, the narcissist is more likely to respect you because they recognize your power over them.

#5. Let Them Believe That You’re Not Onto Them.

Narcissistic folks tend to view the world in a binary fashion. You’re either with them or against them.  Therefore, it is crucial to tread cautiously when dealing with a narcissist and approach the situation delicately.

#6. Show Your Value.

This could mean that you demonstrate your value to them in some way, whether it’s by providing financial support, social status, or any other form of validation that the narcissist craves. 

#6. Show Your Value. (Part 2)

By consistently proving that you add value to their life, they’ll fear losing you and in turn, they’ll respect you.

#7. Be friends with people they Respect.

One approach that can work is to befriend individuals whom they admire.  By developing relationships with these people, the narcissist may start to see you in a more positive light and may even begin to respect you.

#8. Make them Look and Feel Good.

It can be effective to stroke their ego by highlighting their positive attributes or achievements. By doing so, the narcissist is likely to want to keep the person around, leading to a potential relationship of mutual gain. 

#9. Respect Yourself.

Respect yourself, your values, and your boundaries.  By doing so, you communicate your confidence and self-assuredness. 

#9. Respect Yourself. (Part 2)

Staying calm and non-emotional can help you effectively handle the situation, avoiding any escalation that may lead to animosity.

#10. Stand in Your Power.

Believe in yourself and let your actions speak louder than your words.  Remember, you are capable of earning respect, and you deserve to be respected.

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