Miley Cyrus’ marriage to Liam Hemsworth lasted just eight months, leaving fans wondering how the vows could have dissolved so quickly. Two Nicki Swift articles tackle that topic with insights from leading divorce attorney Rebecca Zung.

Cyrus-Hemsworth Divorce

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Rebecca Zung has been named to the top 1% of practicing U.S. attorneys for six consecutive years by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. As a partner at Long, Murphy & Zung, she practices law in Naples, Florida and Los Angeles. She is the author of bestselling books on negotiating strategies (“Negotiate Like You M.A.T.T.E.R.: The Sure-Fire Method to Step Up and Win” and “Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Freedom”). She is also one of the country’s foremost gurus on managing narcissists and is frequently interviewed on major media outlets such as Extra TV, Dr. Drew, Good Day New York, CBS Los Angeles, NPR Talk Radio, Forbes, Huffington Post and Time.

In two articles, Nicki Swift, a popular entertainment news website, interviewed Rebecca Zung for more insight into the very brief Cyrus-Hemsworth marriage that dissolved in 2019.

Cyrus and Hemsworth have had an on-and-off relationship since 2009 so their abrupt decision to marry took many people by surprise. Zung suggested that it could have been triggered by a traumatic event.

“In 2018, Liam’s home, the home the couple shared in Malibu, was devastated by the Woolsey fire,” Zung noted in the September 9 Nicki Swift article. “The couple then decided to tie the knot just a month later in December 2018.”

Zung explained that a major factor in the divorce was the fact that Cyrus was having an affair with another woman, Kaitlynn Carter, indicating a potentially faulty foundation for the relationship from the start. “Marriages last because there is a mutual respect for each other, of course, but part of that respect also must be a respect for the relationship,” said Zung, adding that “[m]arrying a person for stability but without a romantic attraction for the person will result in failure.”

Another Nicki Swift article, dated September 14, included insight from Zung on the details of the divorce, including the prenuptial agreement and the custody concerns over the couple’s shared pets (over a dozen of them). Zung also weighed in on the couple’s social media posts in the early divorce stages, which alluded to the discord arising over Cyrus’ affair.

“As a divorce attorney, I would have advised both of them to lay off social media — I always say that every text, every email, every social media post — is a potential trial exhibit,” said Zung, who specializes in high conflict divorce cases in her practice and online programming.

Zung has a very personal connection to her profession, having divorced early in life. As a single mother of three in her mid-20s, she then returned to law school and worked her way into her current position at the head of a multi-million dollar law firm.

Through her work as an attorney, as well as her “Ninja Negotiation Tips” YouTube Channel and other online programming, she helps people trapped in relationships of drama, trauma and chaos move toward lives of freedom, possibility, prosperity and purpose. Her three million YouTube views and 30,000 Instagram followers speak to her influence in this arena.

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