Monday Divorce Motivation: Tips for Managing Stress During Divorce

 1.   Get Your Support Posse in Place

Find a support group to participate in, or a therapist, clergyperson, or friend to talk with. A little talk therapy can go a long way when you are feeling overwhelmed emotionally.  Surround yourself with positive people.  

2.   Do something physically active.  

Exercise releases endorphins which will reduce stress on a physiological level.  Stay as active as possible by keeping a regular exercise routine. Nothing helps our emotions bounce back better than physical activity. It will help in relieving tense, anger and anxiety. Regular exercise is a great way to improve emotional well-being and elevate your mood, also. 

3.   Do Things That Will Nurture You Emotionally and Physically

Read a book, get enough sleep, remember to laugh, eat a healthy diet and spend time doing things that make you happy. 

4.     Let Go of Problems That Are Beyond Your Control

If you can’t control it, don’t worry about it.   Don’t waste brain power over the what ifs – you could what if yourself to death.

5.   Give Yourself Permission to Feel

Don’t beat yourself up over feeling guilty, angry or resentful.  It is normal.  Just don’t live there.  

6.   Don’t Make Decisions from Emotion.

Think things through and make decisions from a rational place. 

7.   Let Go and Move On

Start looking forward to your new life and creating what that will look like.  That’s a whole lot more productive than resentment over what could have been.   You can control over your future.   You can’t change your past. 

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And remember you’re just one step away from your new life.    Together, we’ve got this.