How to Deal With a Controlling Spouse in Divorce

Today’s Topic:  How to Deal With a Controlling Spouse in Divorce

1.       Limit opportunities to control.   Using ways to communicate that keep him or her in check is very helpful.   Something like Our Family Wizard – which allows others to monitor the communication – such as attorneys, judges or child psychologists – can be very helpful.  Controlling people will be less likely to act out if they know the powers that be are watching. 

2. Document, document, document:   Keep track of everything.   For custody issues, there is an app called Alimentor for logging everything.  Otherwise take notes, take photos, keep every writing, text, email, etc. 

3. Keep Meetings and Exchanges in Neutral territory.   Don’t meet alone with your soon to be ex – keep your meetings to places where there are controls – such as mediation.   And if you have to meet for child exchanges, try to do the exchanges in places that are public or neutral.  Minimize interaction. 

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