An attitude of gratitude sounds fantastic when all is wine and roses, but when it comes to times of trial, especially a trial (no pun intended) like divorce, it can be a challenge at best.  Or seemingly not possible at all, at the worst.

Choosing gratitude can lift your spirit, your soul, and help you attract more positive energy into your world.  It can help prevent you from sinking deep into the bleak world of sadness, pain and hurt that often surrounds the time of divorce.  It can also help prevent you from getting sick, exhausted and weak, and be your beacon of light, as you break free and make your way toward the new land.

Here are some ways to have gratitude during divorce:

1. Start a gratitude journal.

Write five things you are grateful for every day – even if it is as simple as being grateful for a roof over your head, food to eat, or clean air to breathe.  Ideally try to come up with five new things each day.

2. Be the source of gratitude for others.

There’s nothing that makes you feel better faster than getting out of your own head and your own c*&p than focusing on someone else.  Volunteer at your church, or the local YMCA, or food bank.   Read stories to a preschool class, or even pick up litter on the sidewalk if you see it.

There are always people who are in worse circumstances than you are, always people who could use a word of encouragement, or a smile.  You never know when you can be that saving angel in someone else’s life.

3. Focus on what you have, not what you don’t have.

This is ESPECIALLY true in divorce.  It is so common to focus on what you didn’t get, what your soon-to-be-ex has in comparison to you, or what you think should be fair or not fair.  By focusing on what you have instead, you will open the universe to get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want.

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I will see you tomorrow for Thursday Divorce Thoughts – where I will discuss How to Divorce With Kids.

Until then, remember you’re just one step away from your new life.   Together, we’ve got this.

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