Welcome to my Tactical Tuesday Family Law Minute

On Tuesdays I share with you some hidden secrets for divorce tactics and strategies that only a top family law attorney would be able to share.

Today’s topic – leverage

How to get it and how to protect it.

Leverage in negotiations is critical.   One the most common things I hear from clients is “I don’t want to fight – I want this to be amicable.”   A very good intention indeed.


At the beginning of the case there are several variables.   How will your soon to be ex behave.   What kind of lawyer will your soon to be ex hire.   What kinds of things are going to come out when the case gets going –

One of the critical mistakes people make is giving away his or her leverage TOO EARLY IN THE PROCESS.

You also don’t know what your soon to be ex is going to be looking for or wanting as far as a settlement.

Even if you don’t think you want your share of your spouse’s marital retirement account, or you don’t want spousal support – or whatever it is that you may be entitled to under the law but don’t think you want – do NOT and I repeat do NOT tell your spouse this information too early in the process.

You will only want to share this information at the time of mediation, or whenever you are formally negotiating the entire overall case.

If you want more information, check out my bestselling divorce book, which I am currently offering for absolutely free – just help me out with the shipping – it’s called Breaking Free:  A Step-byStep Divorce Guide to Achieving Emotional Physical and Spiritual Freedom and you can get it at www.breakingfreethebook.com

Until next time… remember – we’ve got this.

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