Divorce.  The “D” Word.

For most though, it feels more like it should be an “F” word.     F for Fear. F for Fury.  F for Fragmented.    F for Failure.    But does it have to mean those things?   The answer is a resounding no.

The D Word can mean Direction, Dream, Daring.    Easier said than however.   Divorce is consistently listed as one of the most traumatic events that one could ever possibly experience and yet, it is experienced by at least half of married couples.   Yet, until recently there has not been any sort of lay person guidance to get through divorce.  People dealing with divorce would have to be paying per the minute for billable hours to get the attention of attorneys or therapists.   And even for those who could afford such services, most people still feel like they are in groping the hallways in a scary, haunted house to get through their divorce.

What if you knew you could navigate your way through the divorce process with a sense of empowerment, confidence and ease?  What if you had the tools you needed to make informed, powerful choices about your children, your finances, your home and your future?   Time to go from the drama, trauma and chaos of divorce to a life of freedom, possibility and purpose!

Now, there is another more affordable, and supportive resource available in the form of the divorce transformation strategist.   The strategist will provide actual support and educational programs for those who are either contemplating or currently experiencing divorce.   Course offerings cover everything from how to choose an attorney, what you do if you get served with divorce papers, how to deal with addiction, abuse or adultery in a divorce, how to negotiate and get what you want, how to take control of the divorce process, how to create a parenting plan that allows you to continue to see your kids and keep peace with your ex, how to maintain your lifestyle after divorce, how to begin creating your new life, and much more.

So why should you hire a divorce transformation strategist?

Because you will:

  1. Save big $$$$$ on expensive attorneys’ fees, because you will understand the process and will be able to make faster, more informed decisions.
  2. Save yourself from headaches and heartaches by staying out of the courtroom.   When you enter the courtroom, you are giving up control.  You are giving the judge the power to decide the outcome of your case, instead of keeping the control in your own hands.   Instead of turning that power over the judge, learn how to keep it for yourself.  
  3. Learn how to negotiate like a pro and feel empowered throughout the entire divorce process. Discover the big differences between how men negotiate in divorce, and how women negotiate in divorce. Then find out the secrets of how to create leverage so that you can control the process, stay out of the courtroom, save on expensive attorneys’ fees, and ensure the fair result to which are entitled under the law.
  4. Get the inside scoop on what a divorce case looks like from A to Z so that you feel like you aren’t groping in the dark.   Instead you will know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.
  5. Receive knowledge, methods and strategies to learn how to work through the traumatic emotions of divorce, such as fear, anger, resentment, guilt, then discover the hidden secret that out of the worst difficulties, lies opportunity.   Finally, you will learn how to forgive, then declare who the new you is, and actually break free from your cycle of unhappiness.

So Who Should I Work With?

Rebecca Zung, Esq. is America’s Divorce Transformation Strategist.   A former top divorce attorney who was named as a Best Lawyer in America, a bestselling divorce author and former divorcee, Rebecca knows where you are, and how to get you where you want to be.  Knowledge is power!  Feel empowered through the process.  Seize this moment as your opportunity to take the wheel and be in control of your own destiny starting right now.   It is time to take this action on your own behalf.  It is time to take care of you.   Click here to download your free divorce survival guide now.   Or click here to fill out Rebecca’s intake form to apply to work with her.

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